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Ethics of Practice

Arrive to class 10 minutes before it starts.

In case of being late, please wait for the teacher's consent to enter the classroom and it is at the time of the initial mantra, please do not enter or leave the study.


TURN OFF THE CELL PHONE before starting the practice.


Attend classes bathed and with clean feet (no powder).

Cleanliness and purity (Saucha) are precepts in Yoga (Niyamas).


Have at least two hours of fasting before class, after a light meal.


Have at least 3-4 hours of fasting before class after a heavier meal.


Wear comfortable, flexible and not too loose clothing for practice.


Before class, remove rings, bracelets, watches and other accessories of that nature.


People with long hair must wear it up for the entire duration of the class.


Women should notify them immediately when they have their period and in case of becoming pregnant.


Students must notify them if that day they encounter any occasional pain or discomfort, outside of any pathology.


The practice is done with bare feet.


The month must be paid in full within the first week of it.


Trial classes are paid as a single class.

If you continue, that amount will be deducted from the total for the month.


At the end of the class, fold and store the elements neatly in their corresponding places.



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