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Supta Virasana, postura restaurativa.

Clase de yoga Iyengar particulares y grupales en Benavidez presencial o online.
Yoga Moksa es el lugar donde podrás  construir  tu nueva coherencia entre cuerpo, mente y emociones 


Iyengar Methodology


We work through the execution of various sequences of ASANAS or POSTURES, conducted in a PRECISE and CAREFUL manner.

The focus is on the correct ALIGNMENT within each pose. When it is not possible, we use ELEMENTS to assist us to obtain the maximum benefits of the Asanas. These can help us to generate more internal SPACE, to give SUPPORT, to have a deeper penetration in the posture, to intensify it or to STAY longer in the posture, among other reasons. Therefore, this practice is suitable for EVERYONE, regardless of age or physical condition.




About Iyengar Yoga


"Yoga is the integration of mind, body and spirit; from the outermost layer to the innermost self, that is, from the skin to the muscles, bones, nerves, mind, intellect, will, consciousness and self."

From BKS Iyengar in Light on Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.


Yoga derives from the Sanskrit root "yuj" which means to hold, gather, unite, join, direct and focus one's attention for its application and use.

It also means union or communion. Patanjali is defined the Father of Yoga, it is said in the Indian tradition that he was the first Man / Divinity who systematized this practice, in the classic treatise Yoga Sutras or Aphorisms, in the date 200 BC In the second Sutra we find the definition of Yoga :


Yogah cittavrtti nirodhah


Yoga is the cessation of movements in consciousness





Veronica Barbatano en Salamba Sarvangasana, enseñante en el estudio Yoga moksa Iyengar, centro certificado.
Veronica Barbatano

Veronica Barbatano is a RIMYI Certified Yoga Instructor and Practitioner

(International Certification in the Iyengar Yoga Method).

He began practicing Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga in 2001. In 2010 he discovered the Iyengar method and began to practice with different teachers.


Likewise, she has attended intensive international seminars with Abhijada Iyengar, Raya Uma Datta, Gabriella Giubilaro,

David Meloni, Eyal Shifroni, Lois Steinberg, Maria Gesú Lorrio Castro, Sricharan Faiq Biria, Corine Biria and Jordi Marti.



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